Jose701's Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Tv And Ova And Manga Review

Rated: 9

It has everything that makes a good story: it has adventure, fantasy, romance and action. In the series (first season and second) there is some fighting but not as much. I'd prefer some more. But it is understandable since they want to balanced out the action, fantasy and romance. However, there is actually intense fighting in the manga in the latest volume 23, chapter 175-176. It's so good! There is also some comedy in the series with Fai and Mokona making jokes and fooling around with Kurogane. I especially enjoyed the episode with Mokona as an artist and the other 4 as chobits. So cute and funny. xD! At last, there is some romance of Sakura + Syaoran. Yeah!! They are my fave couple in anime. So cute and everything. They fit together so perfectly.

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